Hi, I'm
Nicole Davis

a Digital Experience Strategist & Product Owner
who empowers organizations to build a branded
customer experience, market it through
omni-channels, and create an innovative product they love.

More about me

Okay, there are three really good reasons to work together. There are no more than three, but I think three is a reasonable good number of good stuff.


I created this site to highlight me.

Doing business right can involve of mixture of delight + hustle + misgiving, with a splash of anxiety, but action is the clear path to success. Everything worthwhile takes a risk because it’s the courage to extend yourself and learn new things is often the hardest challenge to overcome. Take a look at some of the experiences and tech stacks I've executed.

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I know exactly what I am doing. Which is good because its from failing that I developed ability to learn fast.

This should give you a picture of the places that lended to my expert authority:

2020 - 2023, Israel Discount Bank of New York
2019 – 2020, Marsh & McLennan
2014 – 2019, Accenture Interactive
2017 – 2018, Bloomfield College
2012 – 2014, Publicis Sapient


There is no real number three reason. So please read again number one and two.

Leading purposefully is a motto I hold close to heart and I love flexing leadership muscles in my career, side gigs, and other areas. Take a look at how I stack up.

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My beating heart and often sweaty palms aren't a bad thing that is why my focus is on why I am going to succeed.

I love collecting cool ideas and using them to innovate across various industries. As a leader, I am able to guide the success of a product (strategy, technology, process) and lead cross-functional teams who are responsible for improving it.

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My magic numbers

These are some important numbers about me outside of work. They are numbers without meaning at work, but I like them anyway.


My full time position takes up more of my time but I still make time for my second career…coaching. I love to support passionate people who value an impartial sounding board to bounce ideas, challenge their current thinking and keep them focused on what matters most to them.


I love traveling. I really could do that for the rest of my life. I’ve traveled to 10+ countries and 30 of the 50 United States.

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